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Master Brooklyn Hair Stylist. Visionary. Philanthropist. Educator.
Master Hair Stylist. Visionary. Philanthropist. Educator.

Gillian is one of New York and LA's most sought after Brooklyn Hair Stylist of the 21st century. She is a master of her craft, and dedicates her life to perfecting it. The love, laughter and passion that she brings to her salon, her community and her family cannot be replaced. Gillian's attention to detail and zest for creativity fuels her vision of top quality services for her A List clients, clients of 20yrs and aspiring stylist alike. Her goal is to empower women all over the world one hairstyle at a time. If you become a client of Gillian Garcia you also become a friend of Gillian Garcia. The process is simple… Sit in her styling chair at Gillian Garcia Artistry whilst gospel music plays in the background and relax your mind. Uplifting and carefree conversations stemmed from Gillian's Christian beliefs and personal relationship with God will give you little desire for leaving her styling chair at the end of it all. Being that Gillian's appointment book is completely booked; her clients try to get the most out of each visit. Gillian's beautiful smile and giving heart is the face of "The Best Me Program" and "Project Give Back". Both programs were founded by GG at different pinnacles of her life. Gillian's goal of enhancing society flourished into these 3-day programs where GG and other influential women come together to teach young women self-love, acceptance, and growth. The best me program is dedicated to shaping the lives and image of young girls across the Metropolitan area. Whilst Project Give Back is dedicated to giving back to the less fortunate throughout the holidays. The Best Me Program, Project Give Back and Gillian Garcia Artistry are extensions of this extraordinarily selfless individual whom many have come to love. Without Gillian's endless love for her community many young women would continue to underestimate their self worth. Gillian pledges to continuously use her gifts and abilities to make sure no woman fight this battle alone.

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